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I agree that I am to work with SCBaptist as part of a Work For Hire Contractor vs. as an SCBaptist employee. I agree to utilize SCBaptist's project management platform, Asana, to communicate about SCBaptist projects and tasks. I agree to have no direct interaction with non-SCBaptistCRTV staff directly outside of the Asana platform to discuss SCBaptist projects. I agree to deliver all concepts, ideas, copy, sketches, art-work, electronic files, raw assets, project files, and all other materials created for SCBaptist while working as a Contractor will become the property of SCBaptist and SCBaptist may use any and all materials generated as it sees fit without any additional compensation; however, SCBaptist is not under any obligation to use such materials. The Contractor may utilize works created for SCBaptist for portfolio purposes, crediting SCBaptist as the client. To the extent that any of the materials may not, by operation of law, be a work made for hire the CONTRACTOR hereby assigns to SCBaptist all right, title and interest in and to any copyright, and SCBaptist shall have the right to obtain and hold in its own name, any copyrights, registrations and other proprietary rights which may be available. The Contractor represents and warrants to SCBaptist that to the best of his/her knowledge, the concepts, ideas, copy sketches, artwork, electronic files and other materials produced do not infringe on any copyright or personal or proprietorial rights of others. The Contractor will indemnifySCBaptist from any damage or loss, including attorney’s fees, rising out of any breach of this warranty. Any proprietary information, trade secrets and working relationships between the Contractor and SCBaptist must be considered strictly confidential, and may not be disclosed to any third party, either directly or indirectly. I agree to be compensated for my services via electronic funds transfer. I agree to send all my invoices to and and include a Ministry Support Form number and SCBaptist Account Code Number on all invoices.