10x10 Plan

The 10x10 Plan for Strategic Priorities Funding is a 10-year funding strategy to further advance the Great Commission by investing in seven priority areas in a unified, synergistic effort to reduce lostness, strengthen churches and leaders, and embody the cooperative spirit of SCBaptists.

$10 million over 10 years

In addition to the consistent, sacrificial annual giving of SCBaptist churches, we are investing 10 million dollars over the next 10 years into seven strategic priorities.

African American Engagement

SCBaptists care about the African American population that makes up 26.5% of our state. We will prioritize ministry to and the involvement of the African American community in SCBaptist churches and Convention leadership in a concerted effort to reflect the beautiful diversity of our state.


Sexual Abuse Advisor & Resources

SCBaptists care about the one in four among us who have suffered the horrific experience or effects of sexual abuse. We will prioritize becoming the leading voice among Southern Baptists in providing support and resources for sexual abuse prevention, care, and response.


Missions Partnerships & Mobilization

SCBaptists care about our nation and the nations. We will prioritize increasing our funding and efforts to spread the Gospel both nationally and internationally.


Church Planting

SCBaptists care about the unprecedented influx of new neighbors who are moving to the Palmetto State. We will prioritize establishing new SCBaptist churches among our growing population.

One Family Initiatives

SCBaptists care about the work of our Associations and Ministry Partners. We will prioritize collaboration and unity toward our shared mission.


Bless SC Initiatives

SCBaptists love all South Carolinians and want our state to be a better place because of our presence here. We will prioritize initiatives that demonstrate church-based, Gospel-centered community engagement across South Carolina.


Shepherd Team for Pastoral Leadership

SCBaptists care about our pastors who are faithful shepherds within the churches. We will prioritize the development of a Shepherd Team dedicated to pastoral care, leadership, and revitalization.


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