Trends In Mission Sending

  1. The proportion of long-term missionaries sent from the Global North is in decline (53%, down from 80% in 1970) 
  2. The number of missionaries being sent from countries in the Global South is on the rise, with 203,000 (47 % of the total) in 2021, up from 31,000 (12 % of the total) in 1970. Northern America and Europe continue to send the bulk of cross-cultural missionaries today (53 percent), but Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, and China each send large numbers as well.
  3. The countries with the greatest number of Christians typically get the largest number of missionaries, while countries with the fewest number of Christians receive fewer missionaries.
  4. Missionaries are sent from everywhere to everywhere, but there is an imbalance of Gospel equity among the unreached peoples and places.
  5. Mission work among the diaspora (refugees, immigrants and others living outside their country of origin) is a growing aspect of global missions for many congregations.

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