Support Starting Churches

The FINISH initiative is designed to serve churches in identifying, engaging, and initiating ministry among the over 250,000 foreign-born in SC. What does it mean to serve people from other cultures today by SUPPORTING new churches among them?

Over the last year, SCBC churches around the state have engaged in the FINISH process and the results are amazing! There have been no fewer than six specific ethnic churches begun through churches stepping up, embracing God’s heart for the nations, doing the work involved in recruiting and supporting trained ethnic church planters, and seeing them begin to reach people in their own languages. There have even been partnerships with SCBC, local Baptist Associations, and multiple churches working together to see this happen.  The best way to see unreached people come to faith, learn to follow Jesus, and reach others is by starting new churches.

Through the FINISH initiative in 2021, there are Indian, Haitian, multiple Chinese, and soon-to-be Vietnamese, Arabic, and Filipino congregations at various stages of development.

This is so exciting because even though we as SC Baptists get to be a part of this work, we know that Jesus himself does the work because He said, “…I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it…”-Matthew 16:18.

We don’t HAVE to do it, we GET to do it!  Regardless of where you are or what size your church is, there is a place for you to help FINISH the Great Commission!

Our SEND team at SCBC stands ready to help you with this task as we serve together in God’s great Kingdom story to see every life saturated and transformed by the hope of the gospel right here in SC and extending to the ends of the earth.  The Nations are waiting…

What is your next step?

Do you know if there are any non-Hispanic ethnic churches in your area?

Is there a need for a new church to reach a people group where you live?

Contact the pastor of the ethnic church or your Director of Missions and ask how your church can help support an ethnic church nearby.