Prayer Walking at the International Learning Center

Many mission leaders what to know how to get more people involved in missions outside their church. Andy Robertson, Missions Pastor at South Main Baptist Church in Greenwood said one way he saw growth in missions involvement was through prayer walking in a unique location. Andy led his church to prayer walk on the grounds of the International Learning Center near Richmond, VA. This is where IMB missionaries are trained before going to the mission field.

Andy said the experience helped members of South Main to participate and learn about international missions without leaving the United States. Andy said, “by meeting the missionary candidates, we are not only able to pray for them during the actual prayer walk and weekend event, but we have continued some communication and prayer support with some who are currently on the field.” Lodging and meals are included in the cost of registration, so groups don’t need to be concerned about logistics when they go.

Your church can participate in a weekend prayer walk at ILC next year on one of the available dates. To participate, you must register and pay a deposit ahead of time.

Contact the IMB Church Success Center at 1-800-999-3113 or e-mail: to sign up for one these prayer walk opportunities.

Dates Available:

  • January 26-29
  • February 16-19
  • August 2-5
  • August 23-26
  • November 22-25

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