On-Camera / Interview Guidelines

On-Camera / Interview Guidelines

On-Camera / Interview Guidelines

What do I wear when talking on-camera?:

– Solid, darker colors look best on the camera
– Avoid white and patterns (like stripes)
– Avoid wearing clunky jewelry that jingles
– Avoid wearing turtlenecks
– Avoid wearing t-shirts
– Avoid shirts with logos and/or text

What do I need to keep in mind if I record footage of myself?

From time to time, our team may not be able to physically come to your location. We can still assist you by recording your conference call and/or obtaining a video you filmed yourself. Some tips for those situations:

– Follow the “What to Wear” section above
– Have your camera/phone in a landscape orientation
– Record in a quiet, well-lit area. If recording outside, please wait until the wind noise dies down before continuing to record.
– Do not mention any dates and times.
– Have three to five seconds of silence at the beginning and/or end of your video clip. If you mess up, start again after a three to five-second pause from the start of your previous thought and continue. We can take care of the mistake in post-production.
– When speaking, make sure you look directly at the camera, not down at the screen or away at another object
– Have your camera angled at eye level or above. Do not have it below you.
– Have your main lighting source in front of you, not behind you.
– If you are wanting us to record a meeting/online call, please give the SCBC representative permission to record your call via the online meeting platform. If you’d prefer, the SCBC can set up the meeting itself and record it on our end.

How long will you need me on camera?
Talent will be required at least thirty minutes for each shoot, but depending upon the scope of the project, it could be as long as a few hours.

What should I say on camera?
We always want to point people to Jesus through the stories we tell on video. So whenever possible, please direct your responses and content through that lens. If being interviewed, please complete your answer to each question in complete sentences. Our microphones are very sensitive, so if we hear noises in the background we may ask you to repeat or rephrase a phrase. This is not because of your performance; it is just so that our team can make sure we are capturing your content with the best audio quality possible. We understand that being on camera can be nerve-wracking, so feel free to think about how you’ll answer the questions, but don’t script anything ahead of time. We want you to feel natural instead of scripted—like you’re talking to a friend over a cup of coffee and telling them about how Jesus has changed your life.

How do I act on-camera? What do I do with my hands?
We definitely understand that being on camera can be nerve-wracking. Try to relax! Our team will be encouraging and will guide you through the process of sharing your story. Feel free to think about how you’ll answer the questions, but you don’t have to script anything ahead of time. We want your story to feel natural instead of scripted—like you’re talking to a friend over a cup of coffee and pointing them to Jesus. If you say “um” or “uh”, that’s how real and authentic people talk, so don’t worry about it…or worry about your hands.

What should I expect if you are filming off-campus?
If we are filming inside or outside of a home or in an off-campus location, know that we will arrive at least one hour prior to the shoot in order to set up, Additionally, we will need about one hour to tear down after the shoot. The actual recording in the shoot itself will take at least an hour. Creative Services may need to move furniture and other items around the location we are filming in order to stage the best possible camera shot. Creative Services will be sure to treat your items with care and put everything back the way we found it upon completion. In short, we will be as intrusive as possible, but will treat everything we touch with respect and care. 

Do I have to be at the video shoot for my ministry if I’m not on camera?
No, you do not need to attend a video shoot if you are not on camera for your video project, but your attendance might be beneficial to ensure that the message and information of your video is communicated accurately. If your video shoot consists of interviewing a member of your ministry, you are welcome to be the interviewer. Otherwise one of our Creative Specialists will interview the talent with the questions your ministry provided.

Can I film footage with my mobile phone and send it to you?
In short, it depends upon the scope of the video, but to ensure the best image quality possible, it is best that our Creative Services handles all filming. For further questions about this, please contact the Creative Director.

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