Initiating Ministry to Build Bridges

Another step in the FINISH Initiative is initiating ministry to build bridges to the people groups we desire to reach. One key ministry that people can pray for, is finding people of peace in the people group you have identified that can help introduce you to others in their communities. Once we discover that person or persons of peace, then the door opens to a wide range of engagement opportunities from hospitality to ESL to meeting practical physical needs to simply being their friend. As we build trust, conversations can easily lead us to opportunities to share our faith. A terrific way to start is to ask them to tell their story and as you show a genuine love for them, they will undoubtedly ask you to share yours. Remember that reaching the unreached is not a “project” or “program” of our church but the very example of loving the strangers among us that Jesus Himself practiced and set the example for us to live out every single day. Your church may already have ministries that could help reach foreign-born individuals in your community. By identifying compassion ministries in your church or association, you may find ways to initiate ministry among the unreached people groups God is bringing to your doorstep.

What is your next step?

What does Jesus say about finding a person of peace in Luke 10:1-12?

What ministries can you identify that can help the foreign-born in your community?

How does this article prompt you to pray in a new way for your community?