Churches and Associations: Part 1 – Introduction

Churches and Associations: Part 1 – Introduction

In this video, we discuss how churches and associations work on the website.


Hey, everybody. I wanted to talk today about a couple more attributes of the website content-wise, churches and associations.


You can see here on the left, if you wanted to hit the W and then go to either churches or associations, you’ll see the list of all of our churches and then all of our associations. If you go into edit, you’ll see here some contact information, as well as map-related information, phone number, etc.


This content gets populated every month from a list we get from Lisa Coley, as well as the associations list. So if there is a missing component of church information, be sure to make sure to contact with Lisa Coley regarding that information. You can update it manually, but if it doesn’t match the database that we receive from Lisa at the end of each month, it will replace based upon what’s in the database. So please make sure to update that first before updating each individual association or church.


Thanks so much, guys.

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