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South Carolina Volunteers Serve in Southeast Asia

South Carolina Volunteers Serve in Southeast Asia

South Carolina Volunteers Serve in Southeast Asia

Donna on site in SE Asia

Children’s Response Team volunteers Jolla Powell of Hemingway and Donna Horton of Conway traveled to Southeast Asia this summer to assist with child care at a gathering for Special Workers with The Company*. These meetings always prove to be a highlight for the families, allowing them to come together for much-needed fellowship and refreshment. Since the pandemic, these gatherings have not been able to occur, so it was especially meaningful that after over two years of being separated, everyone was able to come together.

While the parents had a week of meetings, Donna and Jolla assisted in the children’s program. Donna helped care for children from babies to 4-year-olds, while Jolla was in the 4th and 5th grade classroom. Both ladies stayed very busy teaching special stories and songs as well as providing crafts and games, to make this “the best week ever” for all the children.

Jolla bravely tried unfamiliar foods!

Donna and Jolla also had the opportunity to hear about the places and people where the families are living, which gave them an understanding of how important this meeting is for both the adults and the children. The ladies heard ways our Father is at work in that part of the world and how they can continue to pray for the workers and their families.

The parents of the children expressed what a great week it was for all and how grateful they were for the child care team that provided love, encouragement, teaching, and the opportunity for children to finally be out among others just like them.

This ministry was made possible through the generous giving of SC Baptist churches and individuals to the Cooperative Program, the Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions, and Disaster Relief. Thank you for your continued support!

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*Name and location concealed for security reasons

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