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Monitoring Hurricane Isaias

Monitoring Hurricane Isaias

Monitoring Hurricane Isaias

Update 8/4/2020: Directors of Missions in the coastal associations from Georgetown to Myrtle Beach report minimal effects from Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaias in their areas. It’s a beautiful sunny day, with crowds at the beaches. But as the storm continues to churn northward, please pray for those in harm’s way from the wind, rain, storm surge and tornadoes. As the forecast path of the hurricane is revised and refined, Disaster Relief (DR) leaders along the east coast are monitoring the status and preparing for a potential response. 

  • Update: The feeding team was stood down on Sunday (8/2) since Charleston decided not to activate their Emergency Operations Center. The Unit Leader commented that this was a good exercise in testing communication and readiness. South Carolina Baptist DR Quick Response Feeding Team based in Summerville has been activated to prepare and serve meals in Charleston. They will be feeding Emergency Management personnel and first responders who are on duty in preparation for the storm, starting with lunch on Sunday.
  • Residents of coastal areas are urged to make preparations to protect home and family as high winds, rain, and storm surge are possible.
  • DR volunteers should check their “Go Bag” and be ready for possible deployment. Information will be updated here on the website and also on the SC Baptist DR Facebook page as the storm approaches and passes (
  • DR Unit Leaders should check their units (trailers) and equipment to make sure they are ready for deployment.

State convention DR directors had their first national conference call related to Hurricane Isaias on Friday, July 31. The conventions in the potential path of the storm reported planning to handle the response with their own volunteers, without calling for assistance from across state lines. The relatively small size of the storm plus covid-19 precautions are the two factors in those decisions.

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