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Disaster Relief Update: Tornado Outbreak

Disaster Relief Update: Tornado Outbreak

Disaster Relief Update: Tornado Outbreak

Updated March 14: The storms of Sunday, March 3 wreaked havoc across the South, with state conventions activating their Disaster Relief units to serve in the aftermath. Alabama units are still active in their damage areas, Georgia units served in their own state, and South Carolina deployed three chainsaw units in the days after the storm.

The most damage in South Carolina occurred in Edgefield County. The chainsaw unit from Edgefield Baptist Association activated on Sunday evening as soon as the storm went through, helping to clear roads in the affected area. Early in the week, assessors surveyed the damage to homes and determined the needs, then the Edgefield unit did several chainsaw jobs a day from Wednesday through Friday. The Aiken Association chainsaw unit activated on Friday to help take care of some of the jobs in that same area.

The Shandon Baptist Church (Columbia Metro Association) chainsaw unit served on Thursday at a home in the Red Bank area of Lexington County. 

One volunteer who was doing assessments on Tuesday in Edgefield County is also a chaplain, and reported:
“I had 8 Chaplain contacts with owners and workers in the area, having prayer with them and listening and encouraging.  I found many owners to be obviously still somewhat traumatized by the enormity of the situation.”

The brief response in SC is now concluded, and we have no units deployed at this time.

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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