CONVERGE Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are housing and meals included in the CONVERGE conference fee? No. Housing, food and transportation are additional costs for groups and individuals. Excellent conference rates have been negotiated for Embassy Suites and Kingston Resort Condos. Check out the Housing page for more info on those rates.
  • Is breakfast included for CONVERGE participants staying in Embassy Suites or Kingston Resort Condos? Yes. The full hot breakfast bar is included for all groups staying at either the Embassy Suites or Kingston Resort Condos at Myrtle Beach. The breakfast bar is located in the back lobby of the Embassy Suites.
  • Are high school students and young adults welcome? Yes. We understand church groups often have a mixture of students and young adults. High school seniors and juniors are welcomed at CONVERGE along with recent college grads. Be aware that the event is primarily designed for college students.
  • Is childcare provided for the children of workers? No. Due to low participation in childcare, we will not offer childcare during the 2024 CONVERGE event.
  • Will there be a time and space for local groups to gather during CONVERGE? Yes. On Saturday night after worship the schedule includes local church/campus group time. A limited number of rooms will be available at Kingston Plantation for use by groups during this time. Rooms will be assigned based upon group size. If your group does not receive a room, you will need to find another location such as a hotel suite in order to meet.
  • Are CONVERGE sessions recorded or streamed? No. Unfortunately, recording and streaming are not available.