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Through Collegiate Ministry, we are helping churches reach students with the Gospel and make disciples, helping to start new on-campus ministries, and helping prepare future leaders of the church.

Helping churches reach students with the Gospel and make disciples.

There are over 60 college campuses in our state. College students are incredibly open to hearing and receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Students desire consistency and community. With effort, this is something you can offer, and we can help you with!


  • Welcome students
  • Ask them questions
  • Be where they are, whether where they work, play or study
  • Use Low Risk High Reward activities
  • Be consistent


  • Extend the invitation
  • Set expectations
  • Use a discipling strategy
  • Model spiritual disciplines


  • Encourage a culture of sending
  • Offers multiple opportunities
  • Diversify sending options
  • Model by going

Low Risk High Reward Activities

  • Offer lunch after church
  • Board game night
  • Trivia night
  • Breakfast with older classes
  • Gender-specific events
  • Weeknight Bible study
  • Campus/Town prayer walk
  • College cook-off
  • Tailgating
  • Destination day trips
  • Service day
  • Campus Scavenger Hunt
  • Camp fire and s'mores
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