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A Soldier’s Healing

A Soldier’s Healing

A Soldier’s Healing

In the depths of doubt and darkness, Thomas’ life seemed devoid of meaning.

He was plagued by depression and skepticism about the existence of God. However, his journey took an extraordinary turn when he received an invitation to Summerville Baptist Church and encountered the guiding presence of Pastor Randy, who led him to Christ. Reflecting on his transformative experience, Thomas shared, “Before I came to know Christ, I was a lost soul doubting the existence of God. I suffered from depression, and my life was very dark.”

Finding solace and a sense of belonging within the church community, Thomas discovered a new purpose that transcended his personal struggles. Even as he serves in Qatar with the Air Force, Thomas attests to the profound change in his life, stating, “Now I have peace in the midst of turmoil while being deployed to Qatar with the Air Force.”

Despite the physical distance, Thomas remains committed to his faith and his involvement in the church. He eagerly anticipates his return, saying, “When I come back, I will resume attending my home group and assisting with student ministry.”


  • SCBaptist Creative Team

    SCBaptist Creative Team

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