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A Church Planter’s Journey

A Church Planter’s Journey

A Church Planter’s Journey

Five years ago, Taylor Little was lost when he met Ricky Wilson at a flag football tournament in Cincinnati.

Ricky shared the Gospel with him, and after, Taylor gave his life to Christ. Ricky met with him weekly to disciple him. When Ricky and his wife Sarah moved to Spartanburg to plant a new church, Taylor moved with them.

“The thing that changed my whole heart, besides Jesus, was discipleship. Jesus showed me that this is what it’s all about. It’s 90% discipleship and 10% ministry. Through that lives are changed by the power of Christ.”

From the first days of ID Clifton, the church Ricky planted, the plan has been to disciple young men to plant more churches. In 2020, Taylor became ID Clifton’s first church planting resident through a partnership with the Start Team. In 2022, ID Clifton sent out Taylor and a core group of members to start another new church in Spartanburg.


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