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Ukrainian Response

Ukrainian Response

Ukrainian Response

We have all been grieving over the events surrounding the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army on February 24, 2022. For me, it is especially personal. Our family served in Kiev, Ukraine for ten years helping plant churches and training church leaders. Because of dedicated Baptist mission work, churches in Ukraine were some of the most missions-minded churches in the world, sending out missionaries across the Russian-speaking world and elsewhere even during the communist years of the Soviet Union.

Because of the recent events, futures are unclear for churches. Families have been separated, lives have been put in danger, and believers are asking how they can serve needs and honor God in the midst of this tragedy. At the same time, I just received an email from a lady whose displaced family is staying in a Baptist church in Kiev. She said the love, hospitality, and care of the church members has been overwhelming. It seems that at the most difficult times, the love and grace of God shines through His people to the world!

Our hearts are broken as it is reported that up to 5 million people will eventually be displaced and become refugees in countries like Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. The need for ministry in those areas is just beginning.

Update as of 4/28/22: South Carolina will be sending a team to Romania in late May.

People have been asking about how to help and how to pray. A prayer guide is available below, and instructions for giving to support this disaster response will be posted shortly.

Robbie McAlister, People Group Specialist, SEND Team


  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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