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Respecting the Pastor

Respecting the Pastor

Respecting the Pastor

Respecting the Pastor

Worship leaders, do you have the respect of your Pastor?  Does he trust you to give the church your very best and to support him publicly at all times?

If not, earning his trust and respect needs to be your number one ministry goal.  You are a team, and a team must trust each other at every moment in the game to have any opportunity to win.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Tom Burns, worship leader at Fairview, Greer and adjunct professor of Church Music at North Greenville University, we discussed how few worship leaders are able to speak the theological language our pastors understand.  Tom recommends three books to learn the theological language of worship. Why not buy two copies, give one to your Pastor, and invite him to read and discuss it with you?  Here they are:

  1. Robert Webber, “The Divine Embrace: Recovering the Passionate Spiritual Life” (Ancient-Future)
  2. Franklin Segler, “Christina Worship: Its Theology and Practice” (Randall Bradley)
  3. Geoffrey Wainwright, “Doxology: The Praise of God in Worship, Doctrine and Life” (Oxford)

Mark Powers is director of the Worship & Music Office at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. You can contact Mark at or 803.227.6166.


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