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The following questions are highly personal. This sensitive information will be handled confidentially by those who evaluate your application. Because of the high visibility of our personal lives as we minister to others, we need to be above reproach and live in a way that brings glory to God. As representatives of Christ, Catalysts must exhibit strong convictions and a lifestyle consistent with biblical standards. As an applicant, we want you to know that a past problem with illegal drug use and/or immoral relationships will not prevent you from being accepted provided it can be determined that your convictions are strong and consistent with the Bible and a sufficient track record of Christian living has been established.
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Is there anything in your past or present that would hinder you in any way from effectively ministering with children or youth?(Required)
Have you ever been accused of or engaged in inappropriate conduct with another person?(Required)
As a Christian ministry, SCBC upholds the highest standards for people serving with our organization. Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to such things as real or virtual sexual activity with a minor, threatening behavior, verbal or sexual harassment, unwanted advances, or racist speech.
Are there any areas of sexual behavior in which you have broken God’s standards during the past year?(Required)
The Bible is clear in its teaching about people and our sexuality. God outlines that sexual activity outside of a committed, heterosexual marriage is sin. We were born as male or female per God’s design and He intended for us to live our lives according to that plan. Given these clear teachings from the Bible. (examples include: pornography use, sexual activity outside of marriage)
Do you struggle with gender, sexual identity and or attraction that does not align with God's design as outlined above?(Required)
Catalyst should maintain the highest Christian standards, integrity and morals. Once you are accepted and have made a commitment to your assignment, you are expected to agree and comply with the following standards. Please read each statement and check that you have read and agree:(Required)
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