With the goal of connecting all generations to Christ, His Word and His Church, the Generations Group provides churches with the tools necessary to meet the life-stage discipleship needs of South Carolina Baptist congregations.

  • Children

    Our desire is to partner with churches and parents as they raise a generation of children who will love God, serve each other and impact the world.

  • Students

    We envision helping churches and parents raise up a generation of students that surrender to the Gospel, grow daily to be more like Christ and passionately live on mission for Him.

  • College

    We want to see all college students become lifelong disciples of Christ who impact the world for the gospel.

  • Adults

    Our passion is to resource the discipleship needs of South Carolina churches as they fulfill their pursuit of the Great Commission.

The Generations group exists to help individuals at every stage in life take next steps towards Jesus.

We provide discipling help for parents as they raise their children, materials and training for youth and youth leaders, next steps for college students, all the way through to assistance for senior adults.

Discipleship is a life-long process. Our goal is to equip you every step of the way.

Let us know how we can help!

  • Steve Rohrlack
    Steve Rohrlack Team Leader, Church Strengthening & Discipleship
  • Mellette Teague
    Mellette Teague Ministry Assistant
  • Bryant Laird
    Bryant Laird Generations: Students
  • Pam Cashatt
    Pam Cashatt Ministry Assistant
  • Kathy Miles
    Kathy Miles Generations: Childhood
  • Bobby Howard
    Bobby Howard Generations: Discipleship & Small Group