The Response South Carolina: A Call to Prayer For a Nation In Crisis

Governor Nikki Haley has called our state to a day of prayer, fasting, repentance, and seeking God’s face
Saturday June 13, 2015,  North Charleston Coliseum
9:00-10:00 Youth Rally, Music geared towards youth
10:00-4:00 Time of scripture reading, prayer, worship

  • No preachers pontificating or politicians grandstanding, logos and egos are checked at the door in a posture of humility and holiness. Won’t announce names or affiliations as people come up. (given 45 seconds)
  • No lunch break, but people can walk about. Fasting encouraged if people choose, but concessions available for those that choose, diabetics, children, etc.
  • Evangelical Christians only to lead in program
  • Not a political event, Governor will welcome and maybe pray or give testimony
  • Build prayers around segments (Repentance, Reconciliations, Revival, Reformation, Refreshing)
  • Will follow the Joel 2 model with 2 Chronicles 7:14 in mind.
  • For the people of God, (pastors, leaders of the country, the church itself)
    • Holy Fast and Sacred Assembly (key words Holy, sacred, weeping, mourning, repentance)
    • Representation of Everyone (multi ethnic, non denominational, multi generational)
    • Joel emphasized it was a top priority (he asked all plans be put on hold and “blow the trumpet”, it’s not a gathering of convenience or recreation. It’s one that reflects repentance, responsibility, and priority)
  • Prior to: 21 days prior will begin sending emails for a new prayer points for nation and seeking SC specific prayer focuses
  • After: Continue to move the body of Christ forward in prayer, follow up emails, prayer for the next state
  • Paid for, and planned by American Renewal Project, 501c3 whose vision is to move the nation towards Judeo-Christian beliefs, one of those is to be physically and spiritually involved in prayer and seeing Holy Spirit move
  • Website is with registration, prayer resources, general info, marketing resources, etc.