A Student’s Calling to Ministry

Grace had always been passionate about spreading the word of God and sharing the Gospel with others. She knew that she wanted to pursue a career in ministry, but wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when a pastor friend told her about Pioneer Church and its pastor, Trell Ross. With the encouragement of her friend,…

Serving Churches for Hopeful Futures

Dunean Baptist Church needed hope as the neighborhood around them started to change. Watch how a conversation with the Greenville Baptist Association and a partnership with a stronger church opened doors for a hopeful future and renewed their gospel presence.Video courtesy of Greenville Baptist Association.

Celebrating a Woman’s Faithfulness

The following comes from an excerpt of a sermon by Dawjr Wood, pastor at Memorial Baptist Church in St. George, honoring Ms. Mary Murray, the church’s former Church Secretary. A clear example of someone who has given their life to following Jesus is Mary Murray. She’s a great example to us of what it looks…