Teacher Support

Why is teacher support needed? Teachers are the heartbeat of the school and they shape the lives and futures of their students. 46% of teachers report high daily stress (tied with nurses for the most stressful occupation in America today). In any given year, 6000 – 7000 SC school teachers leave their position and about …

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Heart4Schools Statistics

Reading Buddies When a third grader doesn’t read at grade level, they are 4 times more likely to drop out before graduation. If they also live in poverty, they are 8 times more likely to drop out. As a result of the pandemic, 57% of students are behind grade level in English Language Arts and …

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Building Trust and Serving Well

Building Trust Pray for your school, administrators, teachers, and staff. Go in with no agenda. Under promise and over deliver. Be sensitive to church/state boundaries. We are invited guests. We can demonstrate the love of God without verbally sharing our faith. Maintain a relationship with the principal, meeting at least once a month to show …

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Getting Started

First Steps Learn about your local schools. Study the school report cards on the district website to learn more about demographics and needs. Consider where you have teachers, staff, or students already engaged in a school. Pray and seek God’s guidance in choosing a school. Ask for wisdom, discernment, and favor as you move forward. …

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Reuniendonos para Servir

¿QUE HACEMOS CON LA SOLICITUD DE BENEVOLENCIA (AYUDA) CUANDO TANTOS EN NUESTRA COMUNIDAD HAN PERDIDO SUS TRABAJOS Y ESTAN NECESITADOS? ~En las temporadas normales, la mayoría de las personas que piden ayuda de la iglesia no están en una crisis. Se encuentran en un estado crónico de pobreza que debería llevarle a ofrecer apoyo y …

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men serving on a job site

Regathering to Serve

WHAT DO WE DO WITH BENEVOLENCE REQUESTS WHEN SO MANY IN OUR COMMUNITY HAVE LOST JOBS AND ARE IN NEED? In normal seasons, most individuals asking for assistance from your church are not in a crisis. They are in a chronic state of poverty which ought to lead you to offer support and services rather …

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