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A Forgotten Story – The Lady Missionary

Just as families lose their stories from one generation to another, the same is true for South Carolina Baptists. This lost story is an incredible and inspiring story of how missions, cooperation, and education, the three founding principles of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, came together to shape the future of the Convention and the…

Live Stream Licensing Information for Churches

“As more and more churches begin live-streaming their services due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that they do it properly and legally.” Read the article below to make sure that your church is following the guidelines for live-streaming.

Why Free Speech Is Especially Critical to the Church

What exactly is freedom of speech and why is it important? We explore and answer these questions in a video that Alliance Defending Freedom recently created for church leaders. As ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Tucker explains, the freedom of speech is the ability to say, write, or otherwise express what you truly believe without fear…