Planted Seeds

Chey is a high school sophomore who came to SummerSalt last summer with FBC Gaston. Through interactions with Chey, one of the staffers, Jill Courtney, began to sense that Chey was dealing with some troubling issues at home. Jill and Chey would spend time talking through some of the personal, spiritual, physical, and relational issues Chey was experiencing. Chey felt hopeless; The temptations in her daily life were constant. Jill partnered with other staffers to pray for and invest in Chey when opportunities arose. The camp week came to an end and Chey never accepted Christ. She had heard the Gospel multiple times, had been encouraged and prayed for, but left camp lost and far from God. The staff members were devastated and wept as they had hoped she would accept Christ as her Savior.

However, God was still at work through her church, youth group, and Christian friends. It’s hard to describe the extreme joy the SummerSalt Staffers felt when they learned that five months after camp, Chey prayed to receive Christ as her Savior! She actively engaged with the camp staff over the next few weeks as she shared prayer requests and life updates. She celebrated victories over temptations and, according to her pastor, has faithfully and consistently experienced significant spiritual growth. She was given opportunities to lead within her youth group and was recently chosen to serve as a junior staffer at Camp La Vida. God continues to move faithfully in her life, and her time at camp was a vital part of her life transformation story. She often shares how much she values the relationships built at camp and how grateful she is for the intentionality of the staff pouring into her.