A Woman Craving Mentorship

“Sarah said to me a few months ago, ‘If you’re coming to see my house make an appointment, but If you’re coming to see me come on over.’ Christians don’t always admit it, but we crave discipleship and mentorship. You have to legitimately count the cost and do it. Walking together through life has meant more to me than the curriculum. I love it and it’s great, but I love seeing the life aspect.”

Mandie (pictured left) is a member of the Palmetto Collective, a group of college juniors and seniors from campuses across South Carolina who are passionate about being missional leaders for the gospel. It’s a unique experience where devoted followers of Jesus are equipped for a lifetime of fruitful mission and ministry as a leader for Jesus in any realm of society.

Palmetto Collective students discover God’s mission in the world and in their lives through studying God’s word together and sharing with ministry mentors. Through the program, Mandie has been connected with Sarah (pictured right), who mentors Mandie.

Through Palmetto Collective, students like Mandie also participate in leadership retreats and serve in mission opportunities around the world during school breaks, summers, and even up to two years after college.