Answering the Call to Global Missions

Inspired by the story of Gladys Aylward, a missionary who served in China, *June Este’s heart was awakened to the nations at a tender age. Little did she know that this spark would lead her to become a beacon of hope for people of South Asia.

After accepting Christ as a child, June expressed her desire to follow in Gladys Aylward’s footsteps and serve in China. However, it wasn’t until she experienced a life-changing semester in Southeast Asia after high school that her calling was confirmed. The Lord used this opportunity to break her heart for the lost and solidify her commitment to global missions. “I knew after that semester that there was nothing more worth giving my life to than joining in the global mission of God,” June said.

During her college years, June’s focus gradually shifted to the unreached and unengaged people groups of South Asia. June’s involvement with her church, school, and the Palmetto Collective further fueled her passion for these forgotten souls. It was through these experiences that she realized the urgency and significance of joining the global mission of God.

Preparation through the Palmetto Collective

Recognizing the need for adequate preparation, June found a valuable resource in the Palmetto Collective. The Palmetto Collective is a program that equips college juniors and seniors for a lifetime of fruitful mission and ministry. This program provided her with practical tools and equipped her for the challenges she would face overseas. “I was encouraged to stop asking, ‘who will go’ and start asking, ‘why wouldn’t I go?'” June said.

June’s unwavering commitment led her to be sent with the International Mission Board to one of the hardest-to-reach places in the world. “My mission is to reach the unengaged people of South Asia that have no access to the gospel and no evangelistic witness among them,” June said. “It’s entirely possible that I will be the first Christian these people have ever encountered.” Her goal is to serve as a bridge between the unengaged people of South Asia and the Gospel, in hopes that many others will follow her footsteps.

Prayer Requests for SCBaptists

June acknowledges the crucial role that prayer and support from SCBaptists and her home church have played in her life. Their unwavering faith and encouragement have carried her to this point, but she recognizes that her journey has only begun. “I cannot stress enough how much more prayer I will need,” June said. She says SCBaptists can pray for safety and wisdom as she travels to a spiritually dark and difficult place. June seeks a joyful heart abiding in Christ, and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as she engages with the lost.

*Names have been changed for security purposes. This image was generated with the assistance of AI.

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