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A Journey of Faith and Creativity with SCBaptist

A Journey of Faith and Creativity with SCBaptist

A Journey of Faith and Creativity with SCBaptist

Growing up in a South Carolina Baptist Convention church and later attending Charleston Southern University (CSU), Elise Bright’s path was deeply intertwined with the SCBaptist community.

“At CSU, I was introduced to the Palmetto Collective at the end of my sophomore year, and after that, I was introduced to all of the various facets of SCBaptist,” Bright said.

Bright serves on a mission trip to Japan with Palmetto Collective. 

Bridging Creativity and Ministry

Bright’s involvement with the Catalyst program was a pivotal moment in her journey. “I was initially drawn to the Catalyst program because I was in need of an internship within the creative world,” she said. The program offered her a unique opportunity to merge her creative skills with ministry. “Catalyst allowed me to get a real look into using your creative skills in a ministry context. I liked that Catalyst gave you help, but also gave you the opportunity to have freedom to explore and learn.”

Her time as a Catalyst was instrumental in honing her skills. “Catalyst was super helpful in expanding my knowledge in social media and photography. During Catalyst, I was given a camera and multiple opportunities to experiment and work on developing this skill,” she said. This hands-on experience not only boosted her confidence but also enriched her resume and opened doors to further ministry opportunities. Moreover, the program instilled in her a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. “It made me desire to grow in my work ethic and commitment to excellence so that I honor the Lord in my personal and work life.”

Bright serves with Elevate, CSU’s on-campus collegiate ministry. 

Lessons Learned with SCBaptist

Bright fondly remembers her time with the Creative Team, particularly her experience at Converge, a college conference organized by SCBaptists. “I was able to be one of the primary photographers, which was super cool. I also got to help with a lot of the social media,” she said. Working alongside her peers and capturing significant moments was a rewarding experience that reinforced her passion for creative ministry.

Palmetto Collective was another significant chapter in Elise’s journey, offering her a broader perspective on missions and ministry. “Palmetto Collective was eye-opening in learning all of the various facets of missions and ministry. During my time, I got to meet more people and go to more places than I ever would be able to on my own,” she said. The program provided her with invaluable insights from seasoned ministry leaders and missionaries. “As I moved into post-grad, I felt as though I had clarity of where I was most useful to the Kingdom.”

Elise Bright celebrates graduating from Charleston Southern University. 

Looking Ahead

As Bright steps into her new role at Charleston Southern University, she carries with her the lessons and experiences gained from SCBaptist. “The Creative Team instilled a desire to give my best in all areas. They view their job as a craft and use it to advance the Kingdom of God with excellence,” she notes. Her journey is a shining example of how faith, creativity, and community can come together to shape a life dedicated to serving others and honoring God.

Bright’s story is not just a testament to her personal growth but also a powerful reminder of the impact of SCBaptist ministries. Her experiences with the Catalyst program, Palmetto Collective, and now CSU, highlight the value of these interconnected ministries in nurturing individuals to fulfill their calling in ministry.


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