Stones of Remembrance: Telling the Story

Stones of Remembrance:  Telling the Story

Once the research is finished or you’ve found as much information as you think possible, what comes next?  How do you organize and tell the story of your church?  The answer depends on what you have found.  There is a statistical story to be compiled from the Annual Church Profile (ACP), and a narrative story from church minutes and newsletters, association records, newspaper articles, Baptist Courier, etc.  Other sources you don’t want to miss include the oral histories to be gained from senior adults and long time members along with photographs and video.  Do not be discouraged by the amount of material you have, or even the reverse, the lack of material.  What you have will yield a story of God’s work through your church.

The story can be told in many ways.  Consider the following and then, add your own.

  • Select a committee to organize, preserve and catalog the material.

  • Decide what options would work best for your church’s story.

    • Book, brochure or pamphlet

    • Dramatic presentation(s)

    • Video of senior adults reminiscing

    • Video of church photographs

    • Article in local newspaper

  • Select a date to share your story with congregation, community and former members

  • Send a copy to Historical Services at S. C. Baptist Convention

It is important that there be some form of written history for future generations to celebrate and to build on.  After all, your church’s story isn’t just your story, it is God’s story.