Stones of Remembrance: Can History Inspire Mission Effort?

Stones of Remembrance:  Can History Inspire Mission Effort?

“Who wants to know history?  It’s old, dull and dry, and what’s more, all the people are dead!”  This is a common view of history and historical facts, but what if history inspired a congregation to stronger efforts in outreach and missions?  For instance, does your church know?

  • How many people have come to Christ through the ministry of the church?

  • How many have studied the Bible through Sunday School?

  • Have any been called to the ministry or mission field from your church?

  • What has been the impact of mission teams sent out through your church?

  • What are the total mission gifts of your church?

Each of these questions is an historical question, but the answers reflect changed lives for Christ.  The number of baptisms your church has had over its history can inspire the church to greater effort to reach the community.    Realizing God works through mission gifts to reach people your church will never see can also inspire.  History can demonstrate how God has worked through your church since its beginning. 

How do you find this material?  Hopefully, in your church files.  If not, the Annual Church Profile submitted to the Association office each year can come to your rescue.  Contact the Association office and/or Historical Services at the South Carolina Baptist Convention for assistance in gathering this information.  Then, begin to put names and faces to the facts.  History is people!  Let the celebration begin!