Spring Break Rebuild Project

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Thirteen students and two leaders from Troy University’s BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) were among the many college groups that participated in the first week of the Send Relief/RebuildSC Spring Break project in South Carolina. The student groups did construction repairs on homes that suffered flood and hurricane damage.

The Troy U. group worked March 4-9 in the home of Mrs. B in Lake City. They tore out and replaced water-damaged ceilings, floors, sheetrock, outdoor fascia, and molded insulation, as well as re-working two water-damaged bathrooms. During the tear-out, unseen damage was discovered underneath, so the extent of the repairs turned out to be more than originally planned.

While the team was there and had the man power, Mrs. B asked for the broken stove and refrigerator to be removed and taken out to the road for trash pick-up. After involving the project leaders of RebuildSC, the Troy team presented to Mrs. B and her family a new stove and refrigerator, meeting a need that had come up last-minute.

Mrs. B is surprised with new appliances to replace those damaged by the flood.


Construction was not the only purpose for the week spent in South Carolina by the Troy BCM group. The students were able to minister and share the love of Christ with Mrs. B, her 2 sons, and her 5-year-old granddaughter, planting seeds of faith through their work and witness.


Revised from an article written by Troy University students Laurin Bell, Beth Rodgers, Kayla Elliott, and Madison Price.

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