Save The Date

In this session, you’ll discover the nuts and bolts of crafting a yearly student ministry calendar.

Till All Have Heard

When Jesus first commissioned his disciples, how long did they think they would have to serve him? How many would they have to tell? How much would they have to give? What about us? How long will we have to serve him? The answer is very simple: Till All Have Heard. So, what are we …

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Cultivating, Planting, and Reaping in Evangelism

How do you prepare people to hear the Gospel, share the Gospel, and invite them to respond to the Gospel? Come to this breakout, and we’ll talk about the difference between having Gospel conversations rather than Gospel presentations.

Engaging the African American Community with the Gospel

This breakout session wil explore effective strategies for embracing diversity and empowering souls through Gospel outreach. Join us as we delve into meaningful approaches to share the Good News with the African American community in South Carolina.

Gospel Reminders for Endurance in Worship Ministry

Worship ministry in the local church can be one of the most challenging jobs with unique temptations and obstacles. This breakout will consider how the Gospel informs the work of the worship leader, bringing reminders of God’s goodness and faithfulness to encourage endurance in worship ministry.

Guiding Principles for Charitable Contributions – Special Offerings

Generous financial support allows churches to advance their mission and vision. Special offerings and designated contributions become complicated when maintaining integrity and financial compliance. This session addresses the complex issues of restricted gifts, contributions to special offerings, and designated contributions. Knowing a few guiding principles simplifies the process.