September 18th: David and Bethany Anderson*, Southeast Asia

 In Missionary Moments

David and Bethany Anderson* are two of our missionaries serving in Southeast Asia.

That’s not their real names, because they serve in a dangerous area.

But it’s not nearly as dangerous as it used to be. In fact, people who live around the Andersons used to be headhunters. For a boy to be considered a man, he was required to kill someone and take the head!

Those customs stopped after missionaries came in the 1950s to teach the people God’s better ways of living.

David and Bethany are still working with this tribe, whose numbers now include many Christians. But these days they are teaching the believers how to be missionaries to other tribal people.

Today let us pray for this missionary couple; we support them through our church’s Cooperative Program giving.

And let’s give thanks that the Gospel has the power to literally move people from death to life!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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