Send Me

Send Me is one day focused on principles that help churches move from “Come and See” to “Go and Send” in order to fulfill the Great Commission. At Send Me, participants will learn the Sending Elements developed by The Upstream Collective. These elements are the basis for churches that Send workers locally and globally to make disciples of all nations. 

The broad categories of this Sending Church Model are:

Establishing, Developing, Engaging and Multiplying.

Each catergory has several elements.  We will give an overview of all of them and dive into much of the first element in this one-day training workshop.


April 13, 2021
Riverland Hills Baptist Church, Irmo
201 Lake Murray Blvd., Irmo, SC


Event Schedule

9:30am  Registration Opens
Welcome and Introductions
Biblical Basis of Sending
Overview Sending Church Elements
Where are you now (self-assessment activity)
Establishing Spiritual Convictions
Discussion and Activity
Biblical Basis for Caring of Sent Ones
Establishing a Sending Pipeline
Involving the Whole Church
Discussion and Wrap-up
4:00pm Dismiss

Why should I attend?

“The SEND Me training is a solid tool for churches desiring to establish a well thought out sending process, as well as those who need to re-establish solid guidelines. The Biblical Basis for Missions session is exceptionally thought provoking beyond the classic “Great Commission” sound bite.”
Joel Thrasher, Missions Strategy Leader, Greenville Baptist Association

"The Sending Elements can be a valuable tool for your church whether you are starting a missions program or enhancing an existing program. The Sending Elements guide you along the process so that you can create a sending strategy and sending process for your church."
- Judy Davis, Missions Director Gateway Baptist Church, Irmo

“The Send Me training provides practical methods that help churches evaluate their strategies and implement steps to become stronger sending churches. Following this approach, churches are better equipped to communicate to their congregations the ways people can use their various skills and backgrounds in living commissioned for the sake of the Gospel and making a Kingdom impact.”
- Bryan E. Pittman, Family Life Minister Lee Road Baptist Church, Taylors

What is your next move?

If you want help developing and implementing the Sending Elements for your church, sign up to be a part of the Sending Cohort led by Tim R., Missions Partnership Director.

In the cohort, a small group of leaders will discuss and share the current status of Sending in their churches and discuss the Sending Elements together. The cohort will meet once a month for six months via live webinar and face to face meetings. The cost to participate in a cohort for those who attended a Send Me training is $50. Contact Katie Bennett to register for a Sending Cohort.