New Churches

Places to Meet
    • If you are meeting in a is a list for you. 
      • Can we meet when school starts meeting again?  
      • If the building is being used now (administration/staff) is it possible for us to meet now or over the summer? 
    • Who would be willing to rent space for income? 
      • Movie theaters 
      • Clubs 
      • Other Churches
      • Wedding venues - Outdoor/indoor 
      • Golf course clubhouse
      • Community building in housing community- Club House 
    • Who would be willing to allow you to meet for free?
      • Local Association 
      • Partner Church - family life center/annex building
      • Community Building - you don’t have until you ask. 
      • A local business owner who owns a building - What resources are in the congregation? 
      • Small businesses are great places for small groups and core team meetings
      • YMCA or Gymnasium
Prayer List
How are you engaging with prayer partners?
      • If you don’t already have one, make sure to create some kind of update for prayer partners - this should be done more frequently because of the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19  situation 
      • Let your partners know how you really feel...fears and worries and challenges 
      • Create a shared prayer strategy between your partners that way your team is praying around the same initiative and goals
      • This is a new ministry opportunity for a prayer team. How are you including your people in this effort and how do you transition this team to an ongoing prayer effort?
How are you building partnerships that can help you financially?
    • What are organizations in the community that can help and support the members of the congregation -build a list of indirect Covid-19 resources for the congregation in your areas
    • Write a letter of partnership opportunity for churches in your community or local association presenting them with the opportunity to partner with your church. 
    • How are you reaching out to older pastors in your community who may be overwhelmed with the situation and need encouragement and new ideas/support - this is a great way to establish a new partnership
    • Have you created a strategy to continue networking and a follow-up plan for the social media emphasis created due to Covid-19?
      • Do you have a leader, prospective leader that can take leadership in the area of social media discipleship?
      • Are you networking through social media in a way that increases the opportunity for the social media audience to give to your church?