Established Churches

Churches Seeking Partnerships with Church Planters
  • Who in your church may have the potential to help a new church plant? 
  • Could you provide a new church with space to meet? 
  • Here is a list of funded church planters for you and your church to regularly pray for.
    Download the List of SCBC Funded Planters
  • How could you form a new relationship with a church planter?
    • Invite new church planters to a zoom call with your church
    • Interview church planter in FB Live
    • Engage your church with the story of a new church plant in your community
    • Engage your leadership team with the opportunity to support a new church plant
    • Invite a church planter to your church for a local mission day with an emphasis in church planting
Churches Currently in Partnerships with New Churches
  • Who has taken leadership in your church during this time (COVID-19) that may have the potential to start a new church? 
  • Your current church planting partner may be displaced because of COVID -19. Could your church make sacrifices to offer him space to meet? 
  • Renew your current support agreement with a current church planter. 
  • How is your church praying specifically for the needs of a church plant? 
  • What new or upcoming partnerships could you start or form at this time?
    • Start a new support agreement with a church planter.  
  • How could you bless the wife of a church planter?
    • Amazon gift card 
    • Flowers 
    • Prayer Note Card 
    • Assorted Fruit Delivery 
    • Prayer connection with women in your church
  • How could you support the children of a church planter? 
    • Birthday card/presents 
    • Drive-by parade to wish happy birthday 
    • Have children from your church make hand made cards to send notes of support and encouragement