Prayer is vital to our spiritual health. When we pray, we are in direct communication with God and allow ourselves to receive his guidance and direction.


The South Carolina Baptist Convention is calling church leadership and prayer ministry leaders to gather in a sacred assembly on January 28, 2020 at First Baptist Church Columbia.

This special worship occasion led by Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President/CEO of the SBC Executive Committee will include:
- Spending time on our knees in confession and repentance
- Seeking God and turning towards Him with renewed commitment
- Restoring our covenant with the Lord


Join us as we seek to engage Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples living in your communities.

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We invite you to share your prayer requests with our prayer team. It is our privilege to pray for you by name believing God hears the petitions of our hearts. He doesn't always answer exactly as we ask, but He always answers the prayers of believers.

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Your story can be an encouragement to others. Tell us what God has done for you and we will join you in thanking Him and praising Him.

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