Orphan Care

4,300+ children are in the foster care across South Carolina.
How is your church supporting these children, families, and workers?


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South Carolina Ministries/Agencies

Connie Maxwell  https://www.conniemaxwell.com
Miracle Hill  https://miraclehill.org
Lifeline Children’s Services  https://lifelinechild.org
A Home for Me   https://www.ahomeforme.sc 
Fostering the Family  https://www.fosteringthefamily.org
South Carolina Foster Parent Association  https://scfpa.com
The Jade Bridge  The Jade Bridge - Home 

Foster Care and Adoption Outline for Ministry

A. Biblical Basis

Scripture is very clear that God calls His children to care for the vulnerable and to seek justice for them.

B. Steps to Launching a Foster Care / Adoption Ministry

1. Seek support and direction from the church.

2. Establish a Prayer Team and / leadership team.

3. Dream and pray about specific ministry and area. ( Foster Care, Adoption, Kinship Care or GAL or Mentor).

4. Develop structure and proposal of ministry – Keep it simple.

5. Keep the vision before the church – through multiple celebrations.

C. Wraparound Support Structure

1. Establish support structure for families

2. Individuals and small groups – maximize existing family relationships with individuals and/or groups.

3. Prayer partners.

4. Meal plan, errand runners, respite care.

5. Resource closet, gift cards, parents night out.

6. Support group hosted by a church.

7. Provide trauma informed training and other resources for families.

8. Study – books or specific Bible studies as a group.

9. Set up an adoption grant fund or special needs fund for families.

D. Child Welfare Encouragement

H – Honor – speak highly of workers in public and private. Build trust relationship to have tough conversations. Recognize the work they do for families and children.

E – Encourage – invite workers to a luncheon at church, cater a lunch to their office, write notes and send updated photos of kids. Take time to appreciate who they are and what they do.

L – Love – take a worker to lunch, redo a visitation room, provide care kits, supplies for workers to have in their cars, provide snack cart for child welfare office. Find tangible ways to share love with workers. Bless them unexpectedly.

P – Pray – get a list of workers in your county and assign them a prayer partner in your church. Have a prayer service and invite them to your church. Praying for one another is a tremendous gift.


Wait No More by Kelly and John Rosati
Reclaiming Adoption by Dan Cruver
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk MD
Everyone Can Do Something by Jason Johnson
The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis and David Cross
The Connected Parent by Lisa Quails and Karyn Purvis
Until There's More Than Enough by Jason Weber
More Than Enough by Jason Weber.
Adopted for Life by Russell Moore.

Book Group Studies

Reframing Foster Care with group discussion guide by Jason Johnson
The Foster Journey with group discussion guide by Jason Weber 


Christian Alliance For Orphans  https://cafo.org
Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University  https://child.tcu.edu/#sthash.PSH9h8qW.dpbs


The Foster Roster by Jason Weber
Jason Johnson Blog



Justice and the Inner Life - Jedd Medfine
Foster Movement - Jason Weber
More Than Enough - Jason Weber