November 6th: Jonathan Land, Sioux Falls South Dakota

 In Missionary Moments

Jonathan Land is one of our North American missionaries starting a church in Sioux (Say SUE) Falls, South Dakota. And we want to pray for him and his family today.

Sioux Falls is a city with about 250,000 people. We think of the Dakotas as cowboy country, but actually the big industry in town is finances. Most people work in offices.

Jonathan and his wife moved into a modest house—one like the ads call “a fixer upper.” But it was good enough to invite people to a Bible study.

Our church’s Cooperative Program giving helped train Jonathan and helped move him and his family to South Dakota.

They started Connection Church on Easter Sunday in 2014 and within three months more than 50 people were attending. Fifty may sound small, but for Southern Baptists in the Dakotas, that’s a record.

We thank the Lord that this new church is growing and sharing the Gospel so that people there will come to faith in Christ.

Let’s pray that people from all over Sioux Falls will come to Connection Church!

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