November 13th: Layla Murphy*, Southeast Asia

 In Missionary Moments

Our missionary we want to pray for today is Layla Murphy. That’s not her real name, because she serves in Southeast Asia where missionaries are not welcome. She is our missionary because we support her through our church’s Cooperative Program giving.

A while back Layla started a class to teach the Gospel to people from an unreached people group—people who had never heard of Jesus Christ.

She prayed that 20 people would come the first day. Fifty came!

She started teaching four times a week. More and more people came as word got out about the life-changing truths the missionary taught.

The one class grew to eight. She encouraged those who completed the class to start teaching others.

One local man started teaching a group on his own—and came to ask Layla what to do. The people kept meeting after the class was completed. She explained that he had accidentally started a new church!

Today let’s rejoice that Layla’s faithful ministry has multiplied. And let’s join together in praying for her ministry as she brings the Gospel to those who have never heard it before!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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