Next Moves

Level 1
Come + See

Level 1 events are created and facilitated with the intent to INSPIRE you with vision-casting and big-picture ideas.

Level 2
Come + Learn

Level 2 events are hosted in smaller venues, with fewer attendees. These events are intended to INFORM you about programs, resources and tools to meet your goals.

Engage Workshops


Poverty 101

Literacy Missions Conference

Send Me Conference

Vision Tours

Transitional Pastor Training

Discipleship Roundtables

Children's Ministry Networking Lunches

Worship Leader Roundtables

ONWARD (Worship Leaders)

Elephant in the Pew (Student + Children's Ministry)

Level 3
Go + Do

Level 3 events are ongoing journeys as you make your NextMove. Now that you've seen the bigger picture and you have the tools, go and IMPLEMENT what you've learned.