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This has been a very productive week in the South Carolina Legislature.  We enjoyed a very good response to the BBQ lunch we provided for our lawmakers, with pastors and other Baptist leaders enjoying fellowship and good conversation around the table with our lawmakers.  Our legislators listened to our ideas, and we were able to pray over them and encourage them.  Attorney General Alan Wilson joined us for lunch and a group of our state Baptist leaders were honored to pray over him, asking for God’s wisdom, His protection, and His favor as General Wilson serves the people of South Carolina.

The House and the Senate recognized the following SCBC leaders from the gallery:

 Rev. Wes Church, President 

 Rev. Chuck Sprouse, President-Elect

 Rev. Bryant Simms, Chief Operations Officer

 Dr. Tony Wolfe, Executive Director, Treasurer

 Dr. Tony Beam, Policy Consultant. 

The House passed two bills designed to protect minors in two overwhelming, bipartisan votes.  H3424 (Child Online Safety Act), that will require online porn providers to verify minors are not viewing their sites, passed the House 113 to 1.  H4700 (Social Media Regulation Act), that will require parental permission for minors to set up a social media account, passed the House by the same vote count.  The Senate assigned both bills to the Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry.  The members of that committee can be found here:

The overwhelming, bipartisan votes in the House will serve as an incentive for the Senate to take up these bills and pass them before the end of the session in May.  Please use the link below to find and thank your House member for supporting these bills.

On Thursday, February 1, the Senate passed an amended version of H3594 (Constitutional Carry), that will allow legal gun owners to carry a firearm without a permit or training. The amended version is now back in the House.  The House can accept the Senate’s amendments and vote to send the bill to the Governor, who has said he will sign it into law.  If the House doesn’t agree to the Senate’s amendments, the bill will go to a six-person Conference Committee made up of 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat from both the Senate and the House. 

As always, please continue to pray for all our legislators and state constitutional officers. 

He must increase, I must decrease,

Dr. Tony Beam

Policy Consultant for the SCBC

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