Personal Health Plan Insurance through GuideStone

Personal Health Plan Insurance thru GuideStone is being lifted for NEW employees only of eligible Ministry. This is not an “open enrollment”. Personal plans remains closed to all others.

Important dates and details:

  • Two classes of New EMPLOYEE:

    1. Employees who are NEWLY HIRED at their eligible employer from January 1 to June 9, 2014 have UNTIL AUGUST 1st for this year to join the Health Insurance plan.

      • After 8.1.14 the New Employees from 1.1.14 to 6.1.14 will not be allowed into the plan.

    2. All NEWLY HIRED employees from 6.9.14 have 60 DAYS FROM DATE OF HIRE to join the Health Insurance plan.

  • The above two groups can come into the Health Insurance plan with no underwriting.


  • Call Customer Relations (888.984.8433) and the new employee and any dependents will be enrolled over the phone.

  • Employees who were “NEW” prior to 1.1.14 are not eligible for this Health Insurance program.

  • Rates are not available online at this time (they will be later this year) – call Customer Relations for a quote (888.984.8433).

  • New Employees going forward have 60 days to enroll.