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Cooperation, Missions Emphasized at Executive Board Meeting

Cooperation, Missions Emphasized at Executive Board Meeting

Cooperation, Missions Emphasized at Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board members pray for the Lord’s guidance as they conduct business.

The Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention met to conduct business and share ministry updates October 3 in Columbia.

The board celebrated what God is doing in and among the 2,014 cooperating SCBaptist churches, and through missions and evangelism efforts throughout the state, nation, and around the world. 

Executive Director-Treasurer Dr. Tony Wolfe emphasized SCBaptists’ Great Commission Cooperation.

Cooperation in Ministry

Saying he is “proud to be an SCBaptist,” Executive Director-Treasurer Dr. Tony Wolfe told the board God is “doing something very special” through this fellowship of churches. He explained three priorities of convention efforts moving forward – African American engagement, next generation engagement, and One Family focus – all designed to achieve a “beautifully-diverse future in which our fellowship looks more and more like Heaven.” He also introduced a rearticulation of South Carolina’s Great Commission Cooperation, in which the phrase “cooperating churches” will be used in place of “affiliated churches.” 

“SCBaptists have a biblical, healthy mechanism of Great Commission Cooperation. Cooperation language is extremely important for us today and in the future,” Wolfe explained. “No church is a member of the SCBaptist Convention. Our articles say this. We have ‘cooperating’ churches who together fund our guided mission, and the mission drives the train of what, how, and why we do what we do.” 

Convention staff have already made this language update in their work with churches. Wolfe invited board members to use cooperation language as well. 

Associate Executive Director-Treasurer Lee Clamp shared inspiring stories of life change that have resulted from SCBaptist ministry cooperation. “The sun never sets on an SC witness around the world,” Clamp said, adding it has been his “honor to serve you this past year, through partnering with God to advance His great mission.”

Michael Pigg was recently named the Director of African American Engagement.

Budget and Scholarship Approval

The board approved that the Cooperative Program and SCBaptist budgets, as presented by Budget, Finance & Audit Committee Chair Talmadge Tobias, be presented to messengers to the 2023 Annual Meeting for an official vote. Tobias reported that the committee reviewed an assessment made by the South Carolina Baptist Foundation of the Convention’s investments currently managed through GuideStone, and the impact of moving these funds to the Foundation. The committee agreed with recommendations to move the convention’s investments to the Foundation. 

The board voted to approve revisions to the SCBaptist ministry scholarship initiatives, as presented by Share Team Leader Chad Stillwell. The initiative’s revisions better reflect current student needs, including supplemental scholarships to pastors’ children, increases to all degree program levels, and the creation of African American student scholarships.

Chair Stephen Hutchins shares the news that SCBaptists lead the nation in deploying college students through GenSend.

Committee News

In other committee news, Kingdom Advancement Committee Chair Doug Mize shared leadership development, international mission work, and collegiate ministries updates. Chair Stephen Cutchins noted Priority Advancement celebrations that included statewide baptism numbers and South Carolina’s national lead in GenSend for deploying college student missionaries. Operations Committee Chair Tim Coker announced approval of funds to four ministry area requests.

Executive Board and SCBaptist leaders hear updates from ministry partners.

Ministry Expansion

Chief Operations Officer Bryant Sims reported expansion plans for Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries on behalf of President Danny Nicholson. Phased plans include building a Healing Center at the Greenwood location, expanding Maxwell Farms, and creating a new Charleston campus. Connie Maxwell is “committed to not incur any debt associated with these expansion projects,” and has already secured half of the $10 million budgeted for these projects.

Bryant also announced plans for the new Center for South Carolina Baptist History and Heritage to house SCBaptist archives at North Greenville University. The Convention will provide annual research grants, support renovations of the library space, and cover moving costs, while North Greenville will cover the remaining operational needs, including providing a full-time archivist.

Ministry Updates

Board members were introduced to two ministry partner leaders during the meeting. It was Charleston Southern President Keith Faulkner’s second day in his new role, and he expressed excitement to “impact lives and share the Good News” through his work there. Drawing from his 15-years serving in the local church, new Baptist Courier Editor and President Jeff Robinson said he wants to serve pastors well. He announced plans for a redesign of the monthly magazine and website.  

SCBaptist Ministries of the Aging President Tom Turner shared news from Bethea and Martha Franks Retirement Communities. He thanked SCBaptists for their devotion to these ministries, including through legacy gifts which his ministry benefits from today. 

Convention President Albert Allen encourages members to participate in the upcoming Annual Meeting.

2023 Annual Meeting

Convention President Albert Allen urged board members to participate in the Annual Meeting held November 13-14 at Shandon Baptist in Columbia. Under the missional theme “Let’s Go,” Allen said participants will connect with national and international missions partners and join a special focus on reaching Asia-Pacific Rim people groups.

The executive board reconvenes December 7 in Columbia.


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