Los Angeles

Among all of California’s iconic cities, none has more influence than the largest—Los Angeles. Hollywood alone commands tremendous sway on popular culture worldwide.


Send Los Angeles, California
Will Browning, Send LA Missionary

The sheer size of Los Angeles calls for considerable strategy in any attempt to reach the city. The city population alone, 3.8 million, is larger than 21 states. The county is nearly 10 million, and “greater” Los Angeles in the Send City context, has a population close to 20 million.

L.A. is home to some of the biggest names in show business as well as the largest populations of ethnic, cultural and language groups in the U.S. There are some four hundred distinctive groups here. The world is already here.

As a Send City, church planting is focusing on five counties around the city, home to more than eighteen million people. There is only one Southern Baptist for every 17,570. The estimated evangelical presence is 8.3 percent.

A vision trip to Los Angeles is planned for April 28-30, 2022. This trip is for pastors and missions leaders to discover how their church can pray, partner and provide for church planters in the greater Los Angeles, California area. To join this trip, please contact the Send Team before March 15th.