Missions Update: Canada

 In Collegiate Missions 2017

I would have to say that my own personal development in my relationships with Jesus has been the best thing so far. I went into this headstrong thinking Jesus would be using me to initially help other people and their faiths but He showed me that I needed to find focus first. He has poured patience and love into my heart and I feel more at peace than I ever have, even when I am uncomfortable or anxious. Pray for continued strength for my team members and I as we start to bring in new campers, are assigned tiring jobs, and are far away from our families. Also for the children and people of all ages coming to camp in the next few weeks that their lives may be changed even if only in the slightest. – Logan

While we were out on our Staff Wilderness Canoe Trip the challenging experiences really reiterated my utter need for the Lord’s strength in me. I cannot do anything on my own. It was an amazing experience being pushed past my limits and outside my comfort zone and in return to be able to grow so much in my walk with Christ. God made us to need Him, and he eagerly wants us to come to Him. He is my strength! Pray that my heart and mind are prepared well for the upcoming weeks of camp where we’ll be sharing the gospel with kids of all different backgrounds. Also for the hearts and the minds of the students attending the camp and that the Lord would work in amazing ways in the lives of each of them! – Maegan

The best thing that has happened to me so far this summer would have to be the opportunity of leading worship at a local church near the base camp. The church has asked us to lead worship every Sunday for the summer. Pray for guidance as I play a big role in planning for VBS! –Tiana


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