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Sometimes pastors need help too.

We seek the health and welfare of our pastors.

Across the nation…

0 Pastors
leave the ministry each month due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or church contention
0 % of Pastors
work more than 46 hours a week, leading to burnout.
0 % of Seminary Grads
leave ministry withing 5 years.
0 % of pastors
constantly fight depression
0 % of pastors
admit they have "few close friends"
0 % of pastors'
marriages will end in divorce.
Band of Brothers

Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers gives pastors allies in their ministry. Pastors build a cluster group centered on fellowship, trust, and the sharpening of pastoral leadership skills.

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  • Band of Brothers is focused on changing the church culture from one of competition to camaraderie.
  • Band of Brothers is committed to not leaving any brother on the battlefield.
  • Band of Brothers is an initiative based on trust.
  • Band of Brothers emphasizes leading like a Shepherd and not a Cowboy.

Operating Principles

  • Alignment versus Our Own Plans
  • Vulnerability versus Transparency
  • Brokenness versus Competence
  • Surrender versus Commitment
  • Slave versus Servant

For more info about joining Band Of Brothers, please contact us.

transitional Pastor

Transitional Pastors

The Transitional Pastor Ministry of the South Carolina Baptist Convention is designed to assist churches and ministers when making ministry transitions.

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  • To decrease the percentage of SBC churches without a pastor.
  • To increase the tenure of pastors and decrease frequent pastoral changes.
  • To help churches develop more effective church practices.
  • To assist churches that have failed to experience spiritual and numerical growth.
  • To assist churches to grow in their understanding of pastoral ministry and appreciation of pastors and their families.
  • To equip more members to become personally involved in their churches’ ministries.
  • To help church members rediscover and celebrate their spiritual passion.
  • To lead the church away from forced termination as a means of solving pastor-church problems.

Transitional Flow

  1. Calling a Transitional Pastor
  2. Viewing the church’s history through the eyes of Christ
  3. Affirming a biblical-principles approach to church growth
  4. Shaping a results-oriented structure for effective church practice
  5. Allocating resources to support effective church practice
  6. Finding a pastor to lead in fulfilling God’s future for the church
  7. Helping the pastor get a good start in the church and community
  8. Completing and celebrating transitional pastor leadership

For more info about joining Transitional Pastors, please contact us.

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