Jon Jamison joins SCBC as Compassion Ministries Strategist

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A former State Community Ministries Consultant for the Baptist Convention of Iowa has joined the staff of the South Carolina Baptist Convention in the role of Compassion Ministries Strategist designed to help South Carolina Baptist churches and associations touch their communities through multi-housing, hunger relief, literacy, refugees and immigrants, and human trafficking ministries.

Jon Jamison joined the staff in July having served Iowa Baptists from 1999-2016, and most recently serving as executive director of the Friendship Baptist Center in Des Moines, where he was responsible for recruiting, training, and overseeing ministry volunteers, mission teams, summer interns, and semester missionaries.

“I am thrilled that Jon has joined our staff in Missions Mobilization,” said Tim Rice, SCBC Missions Mobilization Team Leader. “Jon brings experience and passion to this vital area of community missions. He knows how to help churches reach people in their community with compassion that goes beyond meeting their daily needs, but also involves restoring lives to wholeness and sustainability.”

Aside from serving churches in local community ministry engagement, Jamison will also lead in the promotion and administration of the Global Hunger Relief Fund and help churches better understand how to recruit missions volunteers for local, national, and international engagement.

Jamison said the first months of his ministry would be spent learning, getting out into the field and visiting churches and associations, and understanding what South Carolina Baptists are already doing in local ministry.

“I want to be an encourager,” Jamison said. “If a church is already doing a particular ministry well, I want to come alongside them and applaud that work. Where churches have an interest in exploring a new community ministry, I want to have conversations about how they can be effective.”

“I know first-hand what it’s like to serve a community, specifically the challenges of serving into poverty,” Jamison said. “As I learn what is happening and what can happen, I want to find ways to do more, especially in ministries like after-school ministry, English as a Second Language, multi-housing, and ministries to refugees who are already in South Carolina.”

“Like many Baptists, I’ve studied Scripture,” Jamison said. “In every one of Jesus’s commands, He is saying, ‘Go!’ He is telling us to be action-oriented, follow me, go somewhere, and feed the hungry. Unfortunately, many churches believe people are supposed to come to us in our buildings, on our terms, in our pews, and in front of our pulpits. Yes, the heart is right, but we’ve missed the point of the gospel to be mobile and moving.”

“The thrust of my ministry and all ministry is to recognize people in South Carolina are made in the image of God, that everyone is loved no less than we are loved, and that our response to people is more than community service. Christ is the focus and purpose of our connection.”

Jon Jamison can be reached at or by telephone to (803) 765-0030.

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