How BCM Helps Students Transition To College In 4 Quotes

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Grace Batton

Grace is interning with the communications group at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. She is a senior at USC studying public relations communication with a cognate in Spanish and business. During her free time she enjoys running, practicing photography, spending time with her husband Adam, and playing with her dog Chester.

It’s a known fact that the shift from high school to college starts a new chapter in the life of students. While there are many different things that come with the college environment, one thing can remain constant — a relationship with God. Baptist Collegiate Ministry exists to help students have this constant in their life during a time of change.

By providing campus BCM directors with contact information from senior high school students in churches, the yearly Transitions project allows BCM to connect with students so that they can grow in their faith and sense of community on their college campus. Here are four quotes from BCM directors on why Transitions matters:

“A massive amount of change happens from the time a student graduates high school to the time they finish their freshman year of college. They are on their own, out from under their family’s wing, as they are really trying to decide who they are and will they make their faith in Jesus their own or not. We need church leaders to step in and help these students make that transition to college easier while assisting them relationally and helping them relationally connect to the right people in college.”

—Peter Hyatt, Clemson BCM Director

“Students have all types of groups and opportunities coming at them when they step on campus. When we are able to connect with them before they reach campus, there is a better chance that they will continue to pursue Jesus while on campus.”
— Jack Blankenship, Winthrop BCM Director

Transitions is important because students “can easily find like-minded people who are willing to live life alongside of you both educationally and spiritually; can succeed freshman year and not have to play catch up the next three years; and can have a simple, but exciting transition, from high school to college.”
— Monet Heyward, South Carolina State BCM Director

Transitions “helps us, as campus ministers, continue the work of students’ local church in discipleship and lessens opportunities for students to slip through the gaps and feel forgotten.”
—Suzanne Bachelor, Spartanburg Area BCM Director

In short, Transitions exists to connect students to BCM and for BCM to help students connect to God. To learn more about how your church can get involved in Transitions, contact Kristina Bradley at or visit

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