Helping Louisiana Flood Survivors

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Information and suggestions for churches that want to collect and send supplies:

  • Pray for those affected by the flood.
  • Before collecting anything, contact someone in the affected area to find out what is needed and where & when to deliver it. A listing of collection/distribution sites with contact information is provided by Louisiana Baptists HERE.
  • Plan for how you will transport the collected goods.
  • Stay in touch with your contact person, as needs may change and delivery locations will likely change as the situation goes on.
  • Timing is important! Don’t take too long to collect things, or the need will have passed. (Lesson learned in the SC flood – Columbia needed bottled water in the first two weeks only. The donations that arrived three weeks later were too late!)
  • Churches may work together to coordinate collecting and transporting items.
  • The SCBC Disaster Relief office coordinates the deployment of trained teams to help in the response. We are unable to assist with collection and transport of donated items.
  • Churches (or individuals) that wish to donate funds can send checks to the SCBC marked “for LA flood relief” or there is an option for online donations HERE.
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