Revitalization Practitioner Online Lab


Revitalization Practitioner Lab is a key tools for training our AMS partners, Associational Revitalization Teams, and interim/transitional pastors to prepare at-risk churches for hopeful futures. Upon completion of this training you will be equipped to:

– Help churches explore their options for future strength and mission
– Assist churches to examine reality of their congregation and community
– Present an objective recommendation based on the data and resources available
– Encourage a church to affirm the recommendation as an autonomous body
– Guide a church through implementation to renew hope not only for its members, but for their community

Proposed Schedule for next Online RPL (7 sessions via Zoom):
– May 19th @ 2-4pm: Session 4: Presentation
– May 23rd @ 2-4pm: ┬áSession 5: Affirmation & Implementation
– May 26th @ 2pm: Online presentations with peers with mentor feedback

Email [email protected] with your questions.